Hudson Art Fair is an online gallery presenting exhibitions by guest curators.

Hudson Art Fair was formed by a group of artists and social entrepreneurs working to support charities that are helping Hudson during the covid-crisis.

The Artists
Kris Perry
Mitchell Hoffmaster
Lucio Pozzi
Emily Ritz
Filiz Soyak
Jane Ehrich
Louise Smith
Baju Winjono
David McIntyre
Pauline Decarmo

The Charities
Friends of Hudson Youth
(The Hudson Youth Center)

Hudson Arts Emergency Fund
Helping the Hudson Arts community

Perfect Ten
Making masks and distributing
them for free.

Hudson Art Fair is a new online gallery where collectors and art-lovers can view and purchase artwork directly from Hudson’s most exciting artists.

Hudson has always supported artists now artists are supporting Hudson with 25% of every sale being donated to local charities that are helping Hudson during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hudson N.Y. & online everywhere at hudsonartfair.com
Hudson has long been a magnet for artists, whether launching their careers or helping them escape the bustle of the metropolitan scene. Like an old friend, always there, always supportive. Now artists are doing what they can to support Hudson

“Artists need to have their work seen – and not just to sell. Art has an important role to play in our society. Especially during times of change and upheaval: Artists are often the first to react and reflect upon societal changes. They are the first to start or add to the conversation. They intuit, respond, and distill deep spontaneous impulses in a way that politicians and engineers (to name but two) cannot, and in so doing they are first to chart the way forward. So while galleries are closed, Hudson Art Fair will provide a safe space for artists and viewers alike.” David McIntyre

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT info@hudsonartfair.com
we will be happy to introduce you to any of the artist and curators