Towers (Experience Series #004)


Jeremy Bullis (2020)
(technical note: 0.5″x32″x32″ base)
Plywood, Sand

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Towers (Experience Series #004) by sculptor Jeremy K. Bullis resides within an ongoing series built on real world experiences.  Real reactions to the murder of George Floyd were exacerbated, because the murder was not an isolated experience, but the proverbial “last straw” following numerous painful deaths of so many others by the same means. We are experiencing an explosion of real responses: including expressions of black life and its value, anger, fear, sorrow, protest, and support throughout the streets of the world.  People who are contained in real, specific, and too-often segregated parts of world cities have burst out - chanting, singing and shouting until only the sounds of protest can be experienced.  This current moment of action, as a reaction to our collective history, is the “Experience” that Tower #004 (Experience Series #004) attempts to capture. 

Bio: Jeremy has worked as an artist in New York for over 20 years creating sculptures, creatures, masks, costumes and sets for installations, Broadway, dance, film, television and many performing artists.  He is currently sculpting in Hudson, NY.  He is the Artistic Director of Window On Hudson, a Hudson Valley artist exhibition space.


Instagram: @jeremykb718 & @windowonhudson